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Below are just a few samples and extracts of Vanessa's recent work:

Filmed monologue on stage (extract) dramatic comedy (2018):

Trailer for stage play (2017):

TV series female lead SVT/UR Max's Movie, clip extract (2015):​

Corporate film: lead role: Intelligence, Germany:​

Stand up comedy show, extract (2014):​

Web series lead role "Have A Nice Stay" (2018):

Infomercial voiceover /corporate (2016):

TV advert voiceover (2015)/ European distribution:

Trailer for stage play (2018):

Monologue on stage/(extract) comedic irony (2017)

Voiceover for infomercial (2017) European distribution:​

Infomercial voiceover, (2018) international distribution:

UNESCO documentaries

I am the voice of UNESCO's documentaries for worldwide distribution.


Voiceover for educational video, worldwide distribution:                                                TV advert  V/O (2019) global distribution: (click) 

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