Actress & Voiceover Artist

         Vanessa Poole  

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"This is principally the story of Vanya, Sonia [Vanessa Poole, a delight as always, as Sonia,] and Masha, and all three are brilliantly cast….As Sonia, Poole gives yet another memorably quirky performance, employing a medley of richly comic accents (Sonia’s “native” Pennsylvanian,a touch of Brooklyn when she smashes a coffee cup or two, and Maggie Smith’s Oscar winning-turns in ‘California Suite’ and ‘The Pride of Miss Jean Brodie’) to leave us giddy with laughter. She’s almost unrecognisable such is her immersion, and the completion of her arc is the play’s most touching moment."

"Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" by Christopher Durang.

Ben Hamilton. Copenhagen Post (February 2018)  ★★★★★

“It’s a rare occasion that a series of monologues…can evoke such a vivid series of images and a rich sense of period and personality…What’s striking is this cast’s obvious affinity with the material. Each of the three members give soulful, hilarious, full-blooded performances, perfectly embodying their roles, so as to disappear into them to delicious effect...each role is performed with an immaculate ear for the text by all three players, lending a hyper-real emotionality that, like the heightened social realism of Mike Leigh’s best work, veers toward caricature but never mockery, nor does it fail to hit its mark.”


Alan Bennett's "Talking Heads"/ Vanessa Poole plays Lesley.
May 9th, 2017 |The Copenhagen Post/ by Mark Walker

Vanessa Poole places third as the: Top Five English-Language Trailblazers 2015 in Copenhagen theatre:

“There was nothing in the program to suggest {stalwart} Vanessa Poole would steal the show in the spring production of Pygmalion. Down for three parts, she brought a strong, feminist, singular voice to her roles. A highly accomplished performer, she is equally adept at humour and pathos.” (December 26th, 2015)

- Copenhagen Post, 2015


George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalian.

"Through her three different roles, she (Vanessa Poole) is the true link with the audience, knowingly staring them out (with humorous effect) as the patriarchs of the piece go about their frivolous lives as if the Victorian Age had never ended.

Poole, quite brilliant in all three parts, is arguably the main character of the play, underpinning how men like Higgins and to a lesser extent Colonel Pickering ( abuse women and continue to do so today."

- Copenhagen Post 2015


"Anarchic but beautifully timed,  (The Fast Show) ...ten-member cast made full use of every entry, exit, level, vantage point and potential interaction. It was slick and, fitting of its name, quickfire... Experienced thespian Vanessa Poole was also in her element, and the pair combined to tremendous effect in the "What did I say, Roy?" sketch, the standout of the night. They subtly toned down the final line in the first three sketches to render more of an impact with the final one, which duly brought the house down."          

- Copenhagen Post, 2014